Aletta Ocean

I have been away for a minute now I’m back. Enjoy the beautiful Aletta courtesy of and there preview picture scheme. :) 

Keep a look out here at because my long break has ended and I’m happy to announce i will be keeping y’all up to date with my weeks most wanked over bitches once more!!! 

Now can i get a share for hot slutty bitches!!??

Sandee Fucking Westgate

Sandee westgate is one seriously hot piece of art, i have been a fan of this beauty for years now from way back when she was just shooting soft core for bikini riot and straight down to getting pissed on all in her face, mouth and ass hole… Actually that bit is a lie, she’s not getting pissed on (although i would fucking love to see Sandee Westgate get pissed on) its just water i would imagine. But she does tend to dabble in a little hardcore and from where I’m standing it always looks amazing. She has mastered the dirty cunt look along with other long lasting starlets like Angelina Valentine and Ava Devine. Watching Sandee take a cock in her ass and pussy is a good feeling but like i said, i would love to see her get pissed on but for the life of me i do not know why?

I just can’t help but stroke my cock and think of myself standing above her and pissing all over her face whilst she smudges that drank all round her face leaving her make up smudged and smeared all over. 

Sandee Westgate is seriously SEXY enjoy the preview pictures courtesy and if you love her like i do check out her links below.

And Sandee, if you are reading this please don’t be offended - we love you, we just want to do nasty shit with you because you are so fucking sexy!


Tory Lane needs no introduction and with that said il jump straight to the nasty fucked up shit. This beautiful woman has a body to die for and i would jump at the chance to pay this porn vixen to suffocate my face with that toned ass and pussy, just look at those juicy thighs i can’t keep my eyes of this goddess i just want to suck the meat from her bone.

I prey to god Tory comes to London and tours because i want to be first inline with the chance of giving this dirty cum slut a fully loaded orgasm. Looking at her pink toy above makes me wish i could slide it out of her pussy and suck on it myself whilst watching her rub that pussy.

Spraying my balls all over this bitch.

If there is one thing i love more than busstin my nuts in a hot dirty cum hungry slut it’s busstin my nuts in there mouth and watching them dribble that shit down there chin. The thought of mounting this sexy princess has got me thinking all sorts - would i do anything with Tory? Yes i would. Letting her massage the heel of her boots into my ass hole would be just the beginning, i am literally down for anything! Tory Lane could abuse the shit out of me and i would love every second of it.

A woman like Tory needs to be treated like a princess and a slut, you need to buy her shit every day and make sure fill her up every day whilst telling her how fucking amazing she is.

Dear Tory… Come to London and let me taste you! 

EX Tripple X STAR Julia Bond Still Fucking Hot

Its been a long time since i have seen any new material from the beauty that is JB and god damn i was getting restless. When Julia quit a few years back i was a very disgruntled “fan” the first thing that went through my mind was a lot of scenes and lot of pictures and a lot of “personal good times” 

I love this girl she’s hot, talented and actually beautiful. I love the way Julia still interacts with fans and shows mutual respect to everyone over her social networks. 

Baby girl i think you are gorgeous and if you ever need a ride whilst in London come hit me up! 

Update : Yes i am aware the video is not today’s news but i could not resist sharing with you all. 

Nomi Fernandez

Fuck me! Is Nomi for real? when ever i think i have seen it all i go on to my hard drive full of preview pictures and remind myself of how amazing this planet is. How the fuck are we (some of us) producing such beautiful creatures. What i wouldn’t do to slide myself inside this sexy bitch, playing with those lips for hours and making myself down to that peach ass - and yes id eat it. My tongue would be sliding around that ass hole quicker than emigrants be flocking to England for free houses and welfare cheques.

The thought of popping that pussy and stretching her wide open is just too much!! Enjoy guys… 

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Busty Kimber

Dick stiffening bodies are what i live for and Busty Kimber has a lot of that

The thought of getting my hands around those lovely huge rippling tits gives me a hard on that i want to waste down her throat. I mean look at this bitch, she’s good to fuck right? no? Stop lying to yourself we both know you want to fuck this reinvented piece of ass. I would eat and drink every bit of this hot bitch.

Thats me talking like a typical prick but truth be told i want to take her out for a few drinks, get some food and show Kimber how much she does turn me on. I am ready to try things i have never tried before with this beauty. The whole barbie slut look is great and i have to say Kimber “i appreciate it a lot”

What i wouldn’t give to unload a few shots of cum down her throat obviously after abusing my cock in her ass and trying out that fresh new pussy.

Official Busty Kimber

Busty Kimber Twitter

The Amazing Farrah Dahl

OMG is this the hottest fitness babe in the universe? I think it might well be. Farrah ticks all the boxes and a lot more. After noticing Farrah on the Aziani Iron site i knew straight away i would be wasting a lot of my cum my girlfriends cum drooling over this beauty.

Enhanced tits, strong thighs a sexy slut face and good legs, Farrah has the whole lot and everything you need if you want to reel in any red blooded male. What i wouldn’t do to suck on Farrah’s tits and pussy - hell i’d even let her massage my ass hole with that dildo! Farrah could straight up empty my bank account for just one hour with her, i totally want to fuck her senseless and empty my balls all over her face and body - Being a gentleman i would obviously make sure she cum first..

Cristina Warthen

Being a ultra red blooded male i find it hard to control myself when i come across a certain kind of woman (as most men do) but if you are anything like me you will find its the fake sluts that make you want to whip your dick out and go shit crazy in the arena.

Spunking up inside the slutty Cristina Warthen would be a dream come true, just look at the amazing art that is a barbie doll. Her big tits and slutty face would make any man crumble let alone a fan of whores. Now i I’m not saying she is indeed a whore but boy let me tell you - i sure hope she is!

Cristina can you come to London please baby? I have a thick six inch cock i want to fill you up with.

Barbie Doll Sloshers

Everyone of these beautiful slut machines need to be fucked hard, gagged and spunked on violently! Aren’t these seven deadly sins some of the sexiest creations you have ever seen? They are for me and trust me, i have had the pleasure of spraying my man juice in some of the prettiest women out there (some for free and some yes i have paid) i mean you can only go so long in life before you have to fuck a porn star right? For me that was the case anyway.

Enjoy theses pictures and imagine giving them the most aggressive porn star sex you can possibly provide.. 

Me personally? I want to fuck them one by one and pulling out before i cum and bust a full load in the next ones ass hole! Fuck one > cum in one.

Ciri Lane

God fucking damn! Ciri Lane is one sexy mouther fucking hot escort. The thought of having Ciri sit her pretty little ass onto my face is nothing but dick stiffening. This beautiful man made money machine is something i want to taste A$AP, after all my “rocky” is busting to unload a hot load inside her mouth!

Absolutely stunning!!! 

Saying Thanks - Carmella Bing

Saying thanks is exactly what it sounds like, this part of my site i want to express my gratitude to the princesses of the adult industry. Many a time i have had the pleasure (so have you) of fantasising over the amazingly sexy Carmella Bing and this is where i will recognise what she has done for us all.

Carmella we salute you, we miss you and we will continue to fantasise over you. Hell I’m going to come right out and say it. Us men are regularly wanking our cocks and some of us rubbing ass holes whilst we think about being inside you balls deep and sucking on your tits. What i would do to be able to pump you with a full load of my hot cum.

You was and still are one hell of a sexy slut!! I can only prey to god you grace us with the beauty you posses one more time, we want more!!

Carmella Bing’s Artwork

Official Twitter

More Ebony Love With Drea Fox

Meet the stunning Drea Fox, I’m not 100% on the details of this beauty but lord knows she deserves to be featured in as many posts as possible on my site. If you have any details or links feel free to send me a message and i will post them with credit.

What a gorgeous woman.

Starr Productions is probably my first love.

Being a huge fan of Elizabeth Starr is not a easy task as i’m sure you will agree as i will go on to explain. Firstly you have to come to terms that any of the girls you decide to date or even spend the rest of your life with are never going to be as stunning as the beautiful Ms Starr, so then the painful reality for most of you is that you are never going to get to feel those enormous tits in your hands. You think thats bad? it gets worse!

Once you come to terms with the harsh fact that your cock is never lovingly going to enter Elizabeth’s hot pussy you start your quest for content so you can sit there wanking into the next decade with style because like me your fed up with masturbating over the generic porn girls that seem to be doing the most work.

Luckily for us Starr Productions has us covered

Thankfully Elizabeth hasn’t just appeared overnight and she has been putting in some serious work over the past twenty something years, with that being said - she’s made some friends along and yes they are as big and beautiful as she is. Summer Cummings, Lacey Wild, Eva Notty, Sofia Stacks, Minka and plenty more!! I literally love Starr Productions and i love Elizabeth. We all need to realise that paying for content is what keeps us all with what we need. Please enjoy the preview pics i have supplied but do the honest thing and pay for your huge tit fetish.

Elizabeth if you get round to reading this.. London is calling your name!

Stacey Lacey + LATEXHEAVEN = God Exists

If i could spend one hour with the beautiful, sexy as fuck Stacey Lacey i would die a happy thirty two year old (but god i don’t want to die yet if your reading this) Stacey has the amazing knack of making my mind think all manor of crazy things by just looking at her - I mean the thought of having her sit on my face whilst i eat her ass makes my cock extend to its full size of around seven point two inches (and thats after i got the chop - but thats another story) 

Stacey Lacey is the cream of UK talent floating around with a batch of hardcore scenes that make me wish she was my girlfriend. Could i handle her getting fucked in the pussy by other dudes? I think thats a small price to pay to have this sexy slut come and empty me later on that day. Am i crazy.. No!!? Iv just had shit happen to me that makes me think sex is not that big of a deal. Think on that one for a while..

Stacey we love you, keep doing what you doing, we cant wait to see more and hopefully some more hardcore!